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In den Veröffentlichungen der Weizenbaum Series werden Ergebnisse aus der laufenden Forschung des Instituts vorgestellt. Die Schriftreihe ist offen für unterschiedliche Publikationsformate wie Monografien, Technical Reports, Preprints, Arbeitspapiere und viele mehr.


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    Data Governance Act Proposal: A position paper by the research groups "Frameworks for Data Markets", "Work and Cooperation in the Sharing Economy", "Trust in Distributed Environments", "Responsibility and the Internet of Things", and "Reorganizing Knowledge Practices" of the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society
    (Weizenbaum Institute, 2021) Neuberger, Christoph; Friesike, Sascha; Krzywdzinski, Martin; Eiermann, Karin-Irene; Stocker, Volker; Schawe, Nadine; Efroni, Zohar; von Hagen, Prisca; Völzmann, Lisa; Müller, Ferdinand
    This Position Paper contains statements drafted by several Research Groups at the Weizenbaum Institute concerning the Data Governance Act (DGA) Proposal. Each statement is followed by a short explanation. The purpose of this Paper is to highlight a number of important aspects of the DGA Proposal and stimulate the debate around it with a special emphasis on the part that concerns regulation of data sharing services (Chapter III, DGA Proposal). The Paper touches upon a number of selected matters without the ambition to cover all the important issues the DGA legislation raises. The statements address the potential risks in creating a centralized architecture for data intermediaries, the problem of imposing a duty on data sharing services to offer data on a non-discriminatory basis, the role and expertise supervision authorities will need to assume and exercise and questions regarding the interface between the anticipated DGA and existing data protection law in the EU. The Paper includes a number of specific recommendations regarding the formulation of several DGA provisions, specifically in connection with its intersection points with the GDPR.
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    Conditions to Strengthen Future Cross-Border Journalism
    (Weizenbaum Institute, 2020) Heft, Annett
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    Varieties of platform work. Platforms and social inequality in Germany and the United States
    (Weizenbaum Institute, 2020) Krzywdzinski, Martin; Gerber, Christine
    The platform economy has been criticized for exacerbating social inequalities in various ways. This study draws on these discussions and examines the extent to which social inequalities are being reproduced, reduced, or even increased within platform work. The first central question is that of the precariousness of this form of work and the vulnerability of the platform workers as a group. This is followed by a second question about the role of classical dimensions of inequality of education and gender within the group of platform workers. The study focuses on inequalities related to income, workload, and the subjective perception of platform work. It follows a comparative approach, building on institutionalist analyses developed in labor market and inequality research. The empirical analysis is based on case studies of 15 crowdwork platforms in the United States and Germany and on an online survey of crowdworkers in both countries. While platforms represent a global organizational model, they are embedded in different models of capitalism. The study shows that existing labor market segmentation and social welfare systems determine who works on platforms and to what extent. The weaker the social safety net, the more likely platform work is to be both a curse and a blessing: It offers a much needed and flexible source of income, albeit under extremely precarious conditions. The stronger the social safety net, on the other hand, the greater the market power of workers vis-à-vis the platforms.
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    How Right-Wing Alternative News Sites in the U.S. Depict Antifa
    (Weizenbaum Institute, 2020) Knüpfer, Curd B.
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    Das Öffnen und Teilen von Daten qualitativer Forschung
    (Weizenbaum-Institut, 2020) Steinhardt, Isabel; Fischer, Caroline; Heimstädt, Maximilian; Hirsbrunner, Simon David; İkiz-Akıncı, Dilek; Kressin, Lisa; Kretzer, Susanne; Möllenkamp, Andreas; Porzelt, Maike; Rahal, Rima-Maria; Schimmler, Sonja; Wilke, René; Wünsche, Hannes