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    Ringen um das richtige Urteil — ein Fazit
    (transcript Verlag, 2020) Neuberger, Christoph; Gerlach, Frauke
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    New working spaces in rural areas
    (Routledge, 2022) Lange, Bastian; Herlo, Bianca; Willi, Yasmine; Pütz, Marco
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    IDS as a Foundation for Open Data Ecosystems
    (Springer International Publishing, 2022) Kirstein, Fabian; Bohlen, Vincent; Otto, Boris; Ten Hompel, Michael; Wrobel, Stefan
    Open data is a popular and flourishing concept. The availability of open and structured data is the foundation of new business models, citizen engagement, and scientific research. However, open data still faces many issues to unfold its full potential, including usability, quality, legal, privacy, strategic, and technical barriers. In addition, the public sector remains its main provider, while industry stakeholders are still reluctant to participate in open data ecosystems. In this article, we present an architecture to overcome these drawbacks by utilizing the concepts, specifications, and technologies provided by International Data Spaces. We developed a prototype to demonstrate and evaluate the practical adoption of our architecture. Our work shows that IDS can act a vital foundation for open data ecosystems. The presented solution is available as open source software.
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    Privacy Implications of Voice and Speech Analysis – Information Disclosure by Inference
    (Springer International Publishing, 2020) Kröger, Jacob Leon; Lutz, Otto Hans-Martin; Raschke, Philip; Friedewald, Michael; Önen, Melek; Lievens, Eva; Krenn, Stephan; Fricker, Samuel
    Internet-connected devices, such as smartphones, smartwatches, and laptops, have become ubiquitous in modern life, reaching ever deeper into our private spheres. Among the sensors most commonly found in such devices are microphones. While various privacy concerns related to microphone-equipped devices have been raised and thoroughly discussed, the threat of unexpected inferences from audio data remains largely overlooked. Drawing from literature of diverse disciplines, this paper presents an overview of sensitive pieces of information that can, with the help of advanced data analysis methods, be derived from human speech and other acoustic elements in recorded audio. In addition to the linguistic content of speech, a speaker’s voice characteristics and manner of expression may implicitly contain a rich array of personal information, including cues to a speaker’s biometric identity, personality, physical traits, geographical origin, emotions, level of intoxication and sleepiness, age, gender, and health condition. Even a person’s socioeconomic status can be reflected in certain speech patterns. The findings compiled in this paper demonstrate that recent advances in voice and speech processing induce a new generation of privacy threats.
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    When Ethics demands the already Present - How Ethics undermines effective data protection in the case of the Corona-Warn-App in Germany
    (transcript Verlag, 2022) Rehak, Rainer; Krämer, Dennis; Haltaufderheide, Joschka; Vollmann, Jochen