COVID-19 and the Internet: Lessons Learned

Whalley, Jason
Stocker, Volker
Lehr, William
Stocker, Volker
Lehr, William
Smaragdakis, Georgios
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Emerald Publishing Limited

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the ‘real’ world and substantially impacted the virtual world and thus the Internet ecosystem. It has caused a significant exogenous shock that offers a wealth of natural experiments and produced new data about broadband, clouds, and the Internet in times of crisis. In this chapter, we characterise and evaluate the ­evolving impact of the global COVID-19 crisis on traffic patterns and loads and the impact of those on Internet performance from multiple perspectives. While we place a particular focus on deriving insights into how we can better respond to crises and better plan for the post-COVID-19 ‘new nor- mal’, we analyse the impact on and the responses by different actors of the Internet ecosystem across different jurisdictions. With a focus on the USA and Europe, we examine the responses of both public and private actors, with the latter including content and cloud providers, content delivery networks, and Internet service providers (ISPs). This chapter makes two contributions: first, we derive lessons learned for a future post- COVID-19 world to inform non-networking spheres and policy-making; second, the insights gained assist the networking community in better planning for the future.

Verwandte Ressource
Verwandte Ressource
Stocker, V., Lehr, W., & Smaragdakis, G. (2023). COVID-19 and the Internet: Lessons Learned. In J. Whalley, V. Stocker, & W. Lehr (Hrsg.), Beyond the Pandemic? Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Telecommunications and the Internet (S. 17–69). Emerald Publishing Limited.