The Right to Work and Finding Work: the Inaccessibility of Private and Public Sector Career Portals

Otter, Thomas
Schwarz, Thorsten
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Weizenbaum Institute

The right to participation in society for people with disabilities is relatively well established in national and international law and convention (UNCRPD), and increasingly in social norms. These rights include the right to work. The majority of job opportunities today are advertised and applied for almost exclusively online in digital form. In late 2017 we performed both automated testing of career sites against WCAG 2.0 and BITV standards and a multi-day detailed laboratory observation of visually impaired and blind testers applying for jobs across 10 German organisations in the public and private sectors. The tests note significant problems with the accessibility of the career sites, both in terms of standards compliance and practical use testing. This study illustrates the barriers that digital technologies can create for people with disabilities. This paper will highlight and classify these issues, explore their causes, and briefly suggest improvements for software developers, employers and regulators.

Economics \ News media, journalism, publishing \ Interactive, electronic Media \ Labor Market Research \ Internet \ job search \ software \ Federal Republic of Germany \ blindness \ job offer \ deprivation \ digital media \ right to work \ visual impairment \ Wirtschaft \ Publizistische Medien, Journalismus,Verlagswesen \ Accessibility \ Recruitment \ Web \ BITV \ Arbeitsmarktforschung \ interaktive, elektronische Medien \ Bundesrepublik Deutschland \ Digitale Medien \ Benachteiligung \ Recht auf Arbeit \ Sehbehinderung \ Software \ Stellenangebot \ Blindheit \ Internet \ Arbeitsuche
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Verwandte Ressource
Otter, T., & Schwarz, T. (2019). The Right to Work and Finding Work: The Inaccessibility of Private and Public Sector Career Portals. Proceedings of the Weizenbaum Conference 2019: Challenges of Digital Inequality, 194–201.